Unit One: Embryological Movement Patterns

This course introduces the fluid-based movement patterns that originate in utero, including cellular breathing, pulsation, sponging, navel radiation, mouthing, and prespinal movement. These patterns form the basis for secure attachment, the ability to self-soothe, and successful navigation within the waters of the Stream of Life model.

Unit Two: Vertebral Movement Patterns

The Satisfaction Cycle: how the embodiment of yielding, pushing, reaching, and pulling allows us to move in and out of relationship in healthy and supported ways. You will explore the physical and emotional dimensions of spinal, homologous, homolateral, and contralateral patterns and how incomplete expression of the patterns may reflect incompletions in the Threat Response Cycle.

Unit Three: Primitive Reflexes     

Primitive reflexes are involuntary responses of the somatic nervous system to environmental stimuli. In the adult body, the ways in which they manifest reflect our deepest desires to move toward or away from relationship with the world and others. They form the underpinnings for how we respond to threats in the environment and a sense of grounding on the earth and within ourselves. Pathological reflexes may need to be integrated into the nervous system or elicited in order to support healthy responses.




Silver Spring, MD: 2019

at Crossings Healing & Wellness

Unit One: March 15 -1 7 complete

Unit Two: April 5 - 7

Unit Three: April 26 - 28

Fridays and Saturdays, 10 AM – 5 PM; Sundays 9 AM– 4 PM

Each unit: $650

(register before April 4 and pay $1,200 for the last two modules) 



Prerequisite: Completion of the Beginning year of SE training or by permission


New York, NY: Winter 2020

         Details soon